YGSBL 2020-21 Waukesha West Spectator Plan

Posted by Youth Girls Select Basketball League on Nov 27 2020 at 12:07PM PST in 2020-2021 Ygsbl Season

YGSBL Waukesha West Spectator Plan:

-Entrance is only at the pool doors. 
Exit will be through doors on the other end of the pool.

-There will be one entrance into the Fieldhouse through the double doors near the main hallway. Follow signs, Exit from the Fieldhouse will be on the east end double doors out to the hallway and then out to the parking lot.

-Follow signs, After the session of games is completed everyone will have 4 minutes to exit the Fieldhouse in order to allow for cleaning of surfaces.
No one from the next session of games will be allowed to enter the Fieldhouse until the Fieldhouse is empty and surfaces wiped down.

-Please follow social distancing guidelines while waiting in the main hallway.

-Please do not arrive more than 25 minutes ahead of your first game time.

  • VERY IMPOTANT Please bring your own chairs as there will be room at the ends of the courts for seating with plenty of spacing. The main bleachers will not be pulled out and we will leave the portable bleachers tipped up.*

-There will be no concessions on site since games are back to back and we are expecting people to move in and out quickly.
Sequence of the day:

1) Enter through doors by the pool.

2) Temperatures will be taken at checked at the first set of tables. Temperatures must be below 100.4

3) Passes will be handed out to the coaches for them to hand out before the game. Parents will keep the passes for the entire year to b able to enter the gym. MUST SHOW every week, if they get lost we will mot make new ones. Each team gets 2 coaches passes and if any coaches need to get in using parent pass they will need to pas to get in with the parent pass.

4) We will have numbers taped on the wall in the hallway with court numbers. Your whole team & parents will have to group at those number. There will be 2 numbers taped for each court. a staff member will tell each team when to go into the gym. coaches, players first with parents following behind showing pass and paying $3 admission.

5) No one will be admitted 15 minutes after the first game of the session has started.

6) After last game of the session is completed there will be 4 minutes to clear the Fieldhouse for
Wiping down of surfaces.

7) Next section will be allowed to enter the Fieldhouse.

8) OVERTIME GAMES: flip or pick odd or even to see who gets ball first. SUDDEN DEATH first team to score a point wins.